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Just a quiet night around the houseHiked to the top of Mt NittanySnowy morning on Capitol HillQuackChinese New YearBangkok was basically a series of narrow, crowded marketsLooks just like Thai foodChinese templePictures of the king were everywhereBangkok trafficGetting on the ferryNot quite as glamorous by daySugarcane - Food for Elephants (50 baht)Bamboo groveOne of the oldest rainforests in the worldRiver through the rainforestWaterfall deep in the rainforestMotorbike + extra wheel or two = taxiMojito + sunset. You're a little jealous.I didn't exactly expect to be laying in a hammock listening to Country RoadsPaper lanternThese take more patience than these folks hadNot your typical method of distributing gasolineThis seems like a poor life decisionCover band playing Hotel CaliforniaFire showFire showThis seems like a poor life decisionStreet foodView over PhuketLooking out at PhuketView from the hotelStreet foodStreet foodBangkok trafficGiant laying down BuddhaPalaceStreet foodAnother back alley marketLucky amuletsKhaosan RoadThis sugary soft drink is amazingly green.Night marketStreet foodNight marketNight market shoesVery small rabbits wearing clothesNight marketFlower marketFlowersWhat apparently passes for wildlife in the parkProduce marketIf only we all had a Burberry bedKiteselectronic dance musicThat's an awful lot of chairs.The danger was in fact confirmed when we attempted to start our campfire.The cicadas were out in forceKate's high school graduationKate's high school graduationPretty good seats.Probably would have been on better behavior had I known we were that much on TVApparently the high school mascot is the "Highlander"Ben & Jerry's ice cream cakes are quite hard to cut. "Congratulations Jeremy, Class of 2013"Pensive.Why can't life be more like the Jersey Shore?So many stars.Lorenzo apparently both greets and eats PEI tourists.I'm not worried.Due to high silica content there is "singing sand" at Basin Head. Meaning just that it squeaks when you walk in it.Anne of Green Gables house. As promised, there were lots of Japanese tourists (apparently it's required reading in the schools and she's quite popular)Anne of Green Gables's bedroom. Or so I'm told.Anne of Green Gables has some intense wallpaper.Apparently the real barn would have had a cow in it.Confederation Bridge -- the longest in Canada at almost 13km and touted as the longest in the world over "ice covered waters"Confederation Bridge. You can even drive over it for a mere $44.50Someone's gotta make sure I don't get sunburned...Seaside boardwalk entertainmentApparently hipsters like to drink PBRPre-race carbo-loadPartners in crime for Nashville head to the Grand Ole OpryGrand Ole OpryGrand Ole OpryLooking surprisingly chipper for mile 10...At fancy restaurants you can sometimes draw on the tables.Country Music Hall of FameCountry Music Hall of FameJust standing in some bushesTrying to make it big in NashvilleWell sure, why not?One of these girls really dislikes Bud Light Lime.So many palm trees everywhereLots of dangers and a complicated flow chart. Maybe its better to turn back.Just in time for ThanksgivingI was pretty excited to see a real live pelican.The elephant seals hang out at this one beach and look dead but are just lazy.Sounds so fun.RedwoodsApparently a lot of produce is grown in the irrigated desert.Grape vines for wineNot much in the desert.That hat is about all the kept me from roasting in the desert.What apparently happens if you try and photograph a donkey.What happens when you bring ostriches a bowl of food. Terrifying.Really strange creatures.Not a bad way to get aroundNot a good signTough callA real life oasis in the middle of the desertBut Carls Jr was so delicious.How do you get one of these exactly?Turns out Hollywood is basically a huge tourist trap.Petersen Auto Museum. LA loves their cars.Sorry officer.Some sort of demonstration of what a fish market would be like.Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, this car appeared in the film 2 Fast 2 Furious.BatmobileHot WheelsFoggy pier on Venice BeachVenice BeachIn her natural habitat.A family tradition.This paper apparently says I'm a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries