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Awkwardly staged?Classic.Everything I carried for two weeks in IndiaSunrise over FRAWhite tablecloth, real plates & silverware, German Riesling and a footrest. Not bad.Rickshaws in DelhiRed Fort in DelhiIndian tourists kept asking to take their picture with me, so I snapped one too once. It was a little strange.The Jama Masjid in DelhiDecompressing after the craziness of the streets of DelhiRiding the railsHanging out while the train was stoppedHello cow.The camels are readyTrotting across the desertNot much out hereGetting off a camel is actually quite excitingJust nappingI find a new puppy friendTasty little Indian dinner in the desertCampfire in the desertSacred cow, childThis will do just fine.Palace wallsJust hanging out.Monkeys like to eat peanutsLooking out over JaipurHawking textiles in JaipurMarble inlay work at the Taj MahalMarble inlay work at the Taj MahalThe elusive Taj Mahal peeks from the fogSerious rules.Gateway of IndiaOne of the iconic Premier Padmini Mumbai taxisThis very well may have given me 48 hours of excruciating stomach pain. But it was really tasty.Cricket in the parkCricket in the parkClearly cooking up a storm.Never a bad night at the Tune Inn.So excited!Matching headbands means we're teammates.The whole group with the happy couple and a solid photobomb.Classiest guests at the Krigstein - Irvine WeddingMade it to the campsiteWe built a shed!Trying to turn this all into a picnic table...Building furnitureNice looking side table if I say so myselfClosed on the house / Aug 15, 2014Taste of India is widely regarded as the finest Indian buffet in the United States.It's brewed with corn and you definitely notice.Oil tanker rail cars as far as the eye can see.Not much out here.Dakota Thunder: the World's Largest Buffalo and American Bison in Jamestown, ND (the Buffalo City). Sadly, White Cloud was nowhere to be seen on two separate visits.But not international...Very flat.Giving the pistol a shot at the firing rangeGeese In Flight: part of the Enchanted Highway, a 32 mile stretch housing the world's largest scrap metal sculptures.New Salem Sue: the World's Largest Holstein Cow stands 38 feet high and 50 feet long in New Salem, NDJust like Lewis and Clark and Sacagaweathe Badlands of North DakotaIt was a really small car.hey little prairie dog...Pensive.They took their time crossing the street.Just some traffic.the Badlands of North DakotaThe World's Largest Sandhill Crane. Standing 40 feet tall off I-94 in Steele, ND, completed in 1999.I sprung for the deluxe waffleCanals of AntwerpCanals of AntwerpLooking out over AntwerpMonk-made trappist beer in the town its brewedGrand Place, BrusselsRoyal Galleries of Saint-Hubert, BrusselsFancy waffleApparently Mannequin Pis is the cherished symbol of Brussels.Antoine Dansaertstraat in BrusselsBig buckets of mussels with fries make for delightful dinners.Tune InnHoliday lights