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About Me
Andrew Loewer I'm an easily excitable, constantly exploring, and often curious person named Andrew living in Washington, DC. I work as a healthcare data analytics actuary at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, helping them succeed under transformative payment arrangements that more equitably compensate based on the healthiness of enrollees.

I like to travel, whether it's half-way down the block or half-way around the world and explore the great outdoors. I've come to realize the journey is half the fun. My tastes have been described as equal parts high and lowbrow and am just as likely to be wine tasting internationally as drinking light beer on my 10 acres in the backwoods of West Virginia. I'm lucky enough to have found a wife who somehow shares similar tendencies. I read Car and Driver in my spare time but sold my GTI, driving something a bit more practical and using the time I might spend commuting to read The Post or Wall Street Journal. I live in a 16-foot-wide rowhouse on Capitol Hill with roommates that include a small child, a bear and a small army of Christmas nutcrackers. I'm a fan of gummy candy, especially those multi-colored fish from Sweden and Sour Patch Kids. As an individual over the age of 8, it's a bit embarrasing to ask for a product called "Sour Patch Kids", but I'm willing to put that aside for a good meal. I graduated a little while back from Cornell University with a major in Economics and minors in Information Science and Education, with my interests lying in probability and risk, decision making, and individual liberty but I'd like to think I'll try just about anything once.

Basically, I'm just your average guy. Feel free to contact me at email address.

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Arkinsaw, WV