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New Years Day at all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ, for better or worse.Great Falls Park, MDGreat Falls Park, MDLiverpool CathedralAlbert DockCathedral bombed out in WWIIThey tried to sell you stringMontmartreLuxemburg GardenLuxemburg GardenNotre DameNotre DameStained glass at Notre DameShockingly tasty baguette sandwichSo you're supposed to take this picture where the subject touches the top of the pyramid...Just happy to be in ParisMacaroon choices at Lauderee on the Champs-ElyseesArc de TriompheLooking across the SeineNate ate 3 Chipotle burritos in under 30 minutes. Hard to believe he did it for nothing more than pride.Nate celebrates his Chipotle winThe 4 roommates at the end of an era.Mountain wildflowersSummitting Mt. EvaAbout half way upTop of Mount Eva: 13,130 feet.Up on the Continental DivideMountain wildflowersTelluride is tucked in a valleyDowntown sleepy hideaway for the rich and famousSun beginning to riseMike trekking upEarly morning dawn as we climbSunriseSo far so goodThe climbing party, still looking somewhat chipperA cairn to mark the trailLooks easy enough to climbJust a pile of rocksReady to hike a mountainMike made it to the topOver 14,000 feet upYou could ride to the top for a small fortune.A little place called AspenCoors fermenting room. A distinct aroma.Coors fermenting roomCoors packaging line. Presumably different packaging AND different beer.Not just any Coors Light sign, but the one in the tasting room of the factory.Some friendly bears in BoulderThe Bud Light of Jamaica, just what the doctor ordered.Like a Corona commercialNice viewNice looking water. Warm too.Ready to set outSandwich breakCampsiteSo they advertised the $10 Big Dinner Box on TV enough that we ordered it. Lumberjacks!SantasGotta stop by Rockefeller Center at ChristmasWhiteA leaping catchChristmas morning