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Prematurely blindfolded?Spin him around a few timesGives up and rips the candy outAlcatraz and seagullKelly didn't hide her opinion about the sea lionsSea lions!A gloomy day from Pier 39Kelly met a new friend down by the docksGhirardelli squaresThe rain and cold called for a bread bowl at Boudin'sToken Lombard Street shotPutting the oak in chardonnay VinesFrancis Ford Coppola WineryTasting in NapaEvaluating a fine wineIt was hard to judge wine where the tasting room was mirrored, dark and clubbyYes, we gobbled half this greasy pizza before I had a moment to grab the cameraRedwood canopyMuir WoodsMuir Woods and its giant treesRedwoods are tallA tasty doughnutView from CA Route 1 south of Stinson BeachKelly leaves her markApproaching the Golden Gate from the northGolden GateFrom Coit TowerPanoramic view from Indian Rock in BerkeleyPike Place MarketPike Place MarketTaste of the South 2011Ready to head out to Taste of the South 2011The founders of Kiev, including the young lady who picked the siteIndependence Square and the Hotel UkrayinaLooking down at the PodilAt night they lit this up like a rainbowMemorial to the first respondersLooking over at unfinished reactors #5 and #6Prypiat city limitsRadiation levels were especially high from patches of mossPrypiat centerPower plant from the top of hotel in the center of PrypiatInside the Palace of Culturedated April 23, 1986Radiation checkWhat's served in the cafeteria at the Chernobyl Power Plant (now most often frequented by the workers building the new sarcophagus) Here the radiation isn't strongest from the ground but rather directly from the sarcophagus Outside Reactor #4BorschtTile work in the Kiev metroPechersk Lavra monasteryPechersk Lavra monasteryOutside the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. Totalitarian style music piped in, workers taking up arms in revoltMother Motherland statue atop the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. 35% taller than the Statue of LibertyOne of Moscow's many train stations after an overnight train from KievOne of the many mosaics and decoration in the Moscow MetroTulips in the garden ringBolshoi TheaterMoscow Metro. A bit complicated.Red Square (St. Basil's, Lenin's Tomb, bit of the Kremlin)St. Basil'sSt. Basil'sHistorical Museum on the Red Square. A little too dry for my tastes.GUM Department StoreInside the GUM department storeWhat guards the KremlinInside the KremlinOld Arbat shopping streetTo-do list?Novelty face cutoutsTasting down the line of Cabot cheddarsBeer tasting up at Trapp Family LodgeThis fellow watched the car while we walked aroundWe didn't go the whole wayClingmans Dome, highest point on the Appalachian TrailThree Bears GiftsThe bear master calls to his bears at Three Bears Gifts (there are five bears)Live bearsFeeding the bearsPossibly the actual TitanicAwfully narrowA really shaky bridgeSo seriousCreepy black-light gnome exhibitRock City mascotElvis likes to watch multiple things on televisionElvis' pool roomThe King and meFeeding a giraffeTo see the Tupelo Buffalo Park, we rode a train towed behind a tractorZebras at the Tupelo Buffalo ParkFeeding the goatsKelly didn't want to come out to see the viewNever has Yelp let me down as much as this. We did not eat here.Sloss Furnaces, an old cast iron worksAt SlossWorld's Largest ChairMunching in the car at Varsity -- largest drive-in fast food restaurant in the worldCoca-Cola products from around the world -- not all delicious apparentlyPicking one out off the lineBrain coralLuray CavernsReflection in a cave poolLuray CavernsGrape vines at a Virginia winery after snow in OctoberOne of just a few of the turkeys that adorned this B&BCold.Too cold for cornAnimal hats are apparently all the rage.