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Cold, fat birds on the fenceSome of the friendly folks you'll meet in VietnamSouth Vietnamese palaceIf this is where Anthony Bourdain goes, it must be goodNaptimeBanh mi, pleaseReady for soupBreakfast phoGood to catch up with HCM at his mausoleum Ho Chi Minh's palaceOh hey there LeninNot sure where that plate of greens is supposed to fit into this.A creative way to sell over-priced bananas to touristsBun bo nam bo - Hanoi street foodWater buffaloTerrifying.Waiting for sunsetFruit shakes, $1Well-attended sunrise over Angkor WatStaged by our trusty tuk-tuk driver.SihanoukvilleMango snacktimeShibuya CrossingTokyo metro map. Yikes.Hachiko -- the loyal dog who waited patiently for his owner every day at the train station a full nine years, nine months and fifteen days after his deathTakeshita in HarajukuPancake filled with whipped creme and chocolate cake? Sure.How to eat ramen in TokyoWalking up to the Meiji ShrineThis was only the medium sized drink on the menuThompson Miami BeachSittin by the poolLast day at Towers Watson - June 2008 to April 2015GoatsHey there baby goatDay of Sam's weddingDay of Sam's weddingLake ChamplainLake ChamplainExcited to graduateWe bought a camperExamining the grapesWine tasting is serious businessRainy campingstay out of the waterwarthogbuffaloon the lookout for cheetoscleaning upelephants drinking out of the swimming poolelephants drinking out of the swimming poolbuffalocrocodilehornbillwarthogsroughing itterrifying.finally, the elusive leopard spottedwildebeastbuffalowarthogdifferent vantage of the Atlantic than usualyoga at duskhey there mr. sealKind of windy at the Cape of Good HopeCape of Good HopeBaboons are problematic for stealing things, rummaging through cars, etc. But of course people feed them.African (jackass) penguinsAfrican (jackass) penguinsAfrican (jackass) penguins$40 and I can touch the penguins?A chicken?Zedd showVenetianBellagio fountain performs My Heart Will Go OnVenetianDoes not bode wellLet sleeping dogs lie?Sign looking a little worse for wearNot just bears at BearizonaBearizonaResident of BearizonaA javelina is a weird Mexican pigWigwam MotelOur cozy coneSanta FeWorlds Largest PistachioWhite SandsWhite SandsWhite SandsWhite SandsWhite SandsSacred burial site of Smokey BearHangin with Smokey BearEvidence of UFOs in RoswellAlien demonstration in RoswellRoswellWorlds Largest Cedar RockerTexas State Fair (Big Tex)Texas State Fair (fried oreos)Texas State Fair (pig races)Texas State FairLast trip out for the seasonSnapchattingPretty nice benchSpotted a unicornGhost Nate lurks outsideArtful selfieHappy New Year 2016