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a decent dump of snow. wonder where the snow brush is?Becky with the stolen penguin in Ithacathe sun rising over bar harbor, maine.the sun rising over bar harbor, maine.waiting for the sun to risefishermen head out early in the morning in bar harbor, mainesunrise over bar harbor, maine.the "bar" of bar harbor, maine. becky didn't think they'd let her in because she's under 21.shadows on the bar harbor, maine sand barin a tree with bar harbor in the backgroundlook what the tide dragged in... a big piece of driftwoodsand beach at acadia national parkcaught in the act.becky on ice at acadia national parkan evening view of bucksport, maine from fort knox.fort knox... not that one, but the one in prospect, maine. note the suspicious lurker on the right.flipping over to 200,000 miles in becky's parent's ride... note the nice slow maine speed limit.some snowshoes and a ridiculous hata frigid day on Lake Wassookeag that could only be described as "white"heading down I-95Some Ivy League classes require you to dress upClearly a guy house.The all-you-can-eat Sunday Brunch. Mmmm...Who can argue with that?Climbing the mountain... note the yeti following me up.Atop Mount MonadnockFinally made it to the top of Mt. MonadnockView from Mount MonadnockChad slides down Mt. MonadnockMaking delicious lasagna.Heading to Dougs Dogs in Marlborough, NH for some legendary chili cheese dogs for only $1.25 a pop.Chad enjoys his second chili cheese dog.Enjoying a Dougs Dog.The Mixed Grill: ribs, steak, chicken and fries. Finish it and you're rewarded with more food.The free dessert for finishing the Mixed Grill. See the 2008 version as well.Ben... cleaning something up with dirty laundry.The WVBR crewThe final moment of my life in which I had never had a corn dog.Funnel cake failDC101 Chili CookoffDC101 Chili CookoffOld school ordering box at the A&W drive-in, Cortland, NY.Delicious A&W Papa burger... two 100% beef patties, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, one pickle (removed) and secret Papa sauce (thousand-island dressing).Puttin'Going for goldOn my next trip to this particular course, I managed to get the ball in the water not once, but twice in the same hole.What I packed to Europe. NYC Subway "train to the plane" aka riding the A really, really far.Entertainment and food? Maybe flying isn't so bad...Excellent airline meal, again tub of water and block of cheese.The guidebook said try apfelwine, so we did.Exploring Frankfurt after stepping off the planeFrankfurt cathedralFirst real meal in Europe.First proper meal in Germany. What is it?Driving a locomotive... should have been an engineer at CornellSliding down from the Boeing 747.Heading into the submarineIn a German U-BoatOld Russian helicopter -- looks easy enough to fly.Ordering random items off the menuGerman cafe lunchChecking out the cereal selection in a German grocery store.German grocery store is, of course, well stocked with processed meat productsA giant pretzel that looks deceptively small in this picture. Note its size in relation to the size of my head.Eating gelatoAt a German bar frequented by American troopsAt a German bar frequented by American troopsFunny hat. Not sure.A night out in GermanyView off one of the bridges in BambergNo idea.Cathedral in BambergLooking out over BambergSchnitzel, the other German stapleEnjoying some bratwurst in curry sauce.Street musiciansAt the German fest.A liter of beer brewed especially for this German fest with glassware designed to knock out teeth.Crazy local German band entertaining the beer tentIce cream stand at the German festReally icky pickled fish sandwiches. Only other option for food was bratwurst.Becky enjoys pickled herring sandwiches in front of the scary octopus ride (it didn't look so bad from the ground).Eating a delicious gummy ropeWandering around the German festSomewhat more-my-speed ferris wheelScary octopus-like ride at the German festA flavor of soft-serve that turned out to be pretty nasty. Maybe pistachio?Beer tent at a German festival in a small little town outside BambergA little bit of McDonald's foodThrough the German woods on the trainRiding the Munich U-Bahn subwayGazebo in Munich's English GardenGazebo in Munich's English GardenGazebo in Munich's English GardenView from above of the Munich Olympic Park with architecturally it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-in-the-80's translucent tents above each building.Up in the Munich Olympic towerFountain with a ridiculous looking fishFamous tower with musical glockenspiel.Swan & baby swans at our campsiteWalking along Lake ZurichWalking along Lake ZurichLooking back at Zurich from along the lakeZurich at nightZurich at nightLooking out over ZurichBig empty Zurich train stationTown of LucerneFamous bridge over the river in LucerneThe river through the town of LucerneLooking out over LucerneLooking out over LucerneWar memorial lion carving that seemed especially popular with Asian touristsFeeding the swans, ducks, other strange looking ducks, and chickadees.Lake LucerneWaiting for a trainSomething about staying off the train tracksCastelgrande in BellinzonaCastelgrande in BellinzonaCastelgrande in BellinzonaCastelgrande in BellinzonaChillin at CastelgrandeView from CastelgrandeSome unknown building in BellinzonaReally good seafood risottoFresh mozzerella and tomatoesBellinzona train stationTent at nightMontebello Castle in BellinzonaMontebello Castle in BellinzonaMontebello Castle in BellinzonaSmall lizard creatureA goat. They had about 50, each with its own bell. Kinda loud.Looking off into the Alps from Agritourismo Alpe ZaltoEnjoying the view from Alpe ZaltoThe agritourism made us a delicious Italian dinner and we chatted into the nightWatching the sunset from Alpe ZaltoBecky feeds the pigsThe Rialto Bridge at nightThe Rialto Bridge at nightNice little Venetian dinner, accordion player not picturedEarly morning before rush hourVenice is full of little canalsVenetian open-air marketVenetian open-air fish marketView from the Rialto bridgePiazza San Marco, note how it's starting to flood -- Venice is barely above sea level.Before I realized the pigeons would start clawing me...Feeding the crazy pigeons in the Piazza San MarcoPiazza San MarcoGondolas awaiting tourists to pay 80 euro for a ride.Venice, mobbed with touristsChillin in VeniceYummy Venetian pizza... check out the one covered in French FriesThey sell ice?Rome was kind of a dirty placeThe streets of RomeWider view of the ColloseumWider view of the ColloseumGiant palm frondThe ColloseumAt the ColloseumChillin at the ColloseumRuins that Rome was littered withSomewhat dirty Roman fountainCrazy fountain with disrespectful pigeonsThe Parthenon, one of the few well-preserved relics in RomeThe open air hole in the top of the ParthenonInside the ParthenonTrevi FountainCrowds at the Trevi FountainSpanish StepsSecondi course of our Roman feast.Happy after a 5-course Italian feastWaiting to get into the Vatican Museum to see the Sistine ChapelInside the Vatican museumVatican CityVatican holy water?Enjoying some street foodCathedral in SienaCenter semi-circular plaza in SienaSunset over SienaLooking over the river in PisaWe stayed at the tower for about 10 minutes before getting back on the train.Leaning Tower of PisaCamping in an olive grove in LevantoBeach in Levanto at nightStreet market in LevantoBeach in LevantoWalking along the cliffs at Cinque TerreLooking back towards MonterossoDistant view of CornigliaTown of Corniglia in Cinque TerreTown of Corniglia in Cinque TerreA delicious meal of various foccacias, fresh fruit and Ringo cookiesWalking along the cliffs at Cinque TerreTown of Manarolo in Cinque TerreTown of Manarolo in Cinque TerreWalking along the cliffs at Cinque TerreWalking along the cliffs at Cinque TerreA pretty nasty Italian trainBoats in the harbor in GenoaThe biosphere in the Genoan harbor.Looking at moths inside the biosphereInside the biosferaChristopher Columbus monumentNarrow old streetsA fancy fountainPrimi course of our last Italian dinner in Genoa. Little place where they spoke absolutely no English... but we managed to order by writing things out on a napkin.Excellent Italian meal in GenoaShopping in FranceThe American food section of a French grocery store. Aunt Jemima, pretzels, Oreos, marshmellows, peanut butter and a few other semi-American odds and ends.Hanging out in the harbor in MarseillesBoats in the harbor of MarseillesEurail passes for train travel around EuropeWhat Europeans consider a hamburger to be... no bun, but a fried egg.Sleeping on the bench at the bus station in Figueres, SpainThe bus station in Figueres, Spain where we spent the night after missing the last bus of the night.The trek up to our hostal.Pizza in Olot, Spain.The old volcanic crater on the Mariscopa volcanoGrounds of an old church on the Mariscopa volcanoView off the Mariscopa volcano in Olot, SpainView over Olot, SpainStrange lizard thing that appeared on our balcony in Olot, SpainView from Park GuellGaudi's Park GuellFountain from Gaudi's Guell ParkLocal fare from a little hole-in-the-wallSunset over Barcelona1992 Olympic ParkFlowers on Las Ramblas.Open air food market off Las Ramblas.Open air food market off Las Ramblas.Refreshing fruit drinks at the market off Las Ramblas.Want a chipmunk for a pet? Check out Las Ramblas.Open air animal market on Las RamblasFeeding some pigeons in BarcelonaLa Sagrada FamiliaLa Sagrada FamiliaView out our tiny balcony at the Pension Palacio down the Avinguda del Marques de l'Argentera in BarcelonaPaella in Barcelona.Barcelona beach in the evening.Delta Airlines dinner from Barcelona to JFK. Delicious. Gotta love the block of cheddar cheese and the tub of water.Hanging out in a field of cement cornSubaru's last hurrah -- a 1,400 mile trek that spanned 6 states in less than a week and moved me from three residences to one.My last night in IthacaIthaca, NY from the WVBR transmitter on Hungerford HillThe WVBR transmitter on Hungerford Hill in Ithaca, NY(Possibly the last photo taken of this house)The Lumberjack Breakfast at a local New Jersey dinerMy first Philadelphia cheese steak. Perhaps a bit more gourmet than most -- the lonely bartender at the South St. establishment we were at convinced us that there's were better because they were lard free and came with a free beer. Sold.Yeah, I'm in a bathing suit -- I was told there would be a hot tub. There wasn't. I felt I needed to give this expensive modern piece of furniture a try to see if it was even remotely confortable. It wasn't.An inspired paint color choice.The Jefferson Memorial -- bigger than it looks.A local grocery establishment conveniently located just down the street.Well its no New York...So apparently Newport News is a tougher town than I thought. War memorial and eternal flame in Newport News. As you can see, the eternal flame was not visible, calling into question whether it was actually lit at all.I'm interested to know if you can catch both fish and crabs with a similar hook/line setup. In fact, I'm not sure how to go about catching a crab at all.A battleship up in Newport NewsVirginia BeachAt Virginia BeachWalking along the beachHanging with an octopus near the Neptune Statue.The Neptune statue at Virginia BeachExamining the employment opportunities available at the Waffle House after a good meal.The interstate driving through VirginiaClearly somewhere you need to stop if you encounter this sign on a drive through the country...The bed in which Stonewall Jackson rested in after being wounded, shortly before his death.The famous Jello salad at ThanksgivingCornell v. BU hockey at Madison Square GardenCornell v. BU hockey at Madison Square GardenCornell v. BU hockey at Madison Square GardenThere are an awful lot of rules on the NYC SubwayRockefeller Center Christmas treeFancy tile work in the NYC SubwayA deserted Lincoln ParkThe snowstorm of 2009DC in the snowThe house with holiday lights and snowSam spent a good part of the day building a snow fort in front of our house. Without any knowledge I was coming home, he pegged me as I was walking down the street minding my own business.Sam jumped into his snow fort after we got home from dinner, his pride and joy, the fruit of his labor.Getting ready to cross country ski for the first time at Trapp Family LodgeCross country skiing at Trapp Family Lodge. Julia films in video while I capture stills.The family cross country skiing on Christmas Day 2009Cross country skiing through the forestThe Vermont State House in Montpelier circa 1857. The statue on top is Ceres, goddess of agriculture.The last confirmed catamount in Vermont, otherwise known as a mountain lion or cougar. This supposed last one was shot quite a while back though many residents claim to have seen them since then.Ordering the most expensive thing on the menu, as usual.The Vermonster, an ice cream sundae monstrosity that was all too suitable for a birthday treat.Almost ready to call it quits about 2/3 of the way through the Vermonster.