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Behind Mann LibraryWho doesn't love a packed bus ride?Oro likes to sleep.The GE glowing penguin.Westfield lightsBrooney chillin in the NJ basementRiding the bus on New YearsI scare myself sometimesJunkman at First NightReady for action, as always.Oro riding home from the kennelSnowy VT backroads.Playing DDR in VTTrying my hand at DDR...Out in the countrySnowy VTMy pride and joy... my bear footrest408 lightsThe trek up the slope to exams...Feeding the ducks in Mindowaskin ParkJulia learning to snowboardTearing it upSnowboard bumsUp on StrattonShop Rite in Garwood had banana Snapple. Very rare. So I stocked up.A perpetually-scared Haley pokes her head out.Cornell Big Red HockeyCornell Big Red HockeyMorgante get into the gameCold Ithaca sunsetPreparing to land in New YorkOff the wing over QueensNight on the HoSnowy McGrawTwisty treesDragon Day 2008 - The DragonDragon Day 2008 - The Dragon begins to burn...Dragon Day 2008 - Full blaze...My dad's truck... my bad.Unfortunately salvation would not come in the form of the tractor...Sunset driving across New Hampshire.Chad's house in the middle of nowhere... kind of scaryMakin burgers and fries.Maple sausage, given a nice smoky taste by ChadEating Big MacsFirst Big Mac everFood coma... aka "the itus"Cheap NH gas, complete with an animated car on the gas pump, how entertaining!Brooney's Wheaton dorm room.After finishing a generous portion of ribs, steak, chicken and mashed potatoes, they threw in some dessert. A big dessert.Ben's kitchen floor. Clearly just Swiffered.Dave & Buster'sFaint rainbow over the football fieldFoo Fighters in BinghamtonI went to a Jello party. This is the Jello.The grandfather to my bear footrest.Cornell Parking is ruthless...Tax Day Protest with the Ithaca Libertarians and some other crazy people who showed up.Taughannock Falls in IthacaTaughannock Falls in IthacaSam down in the Cascadilla Gorge. I resisted the urge to throw things at him.Dan after a refreshing shower.Sunset over the Cascadilla GorgeEverything finally back in bloom after a long winter...Sara eats the world's smallest pizza... and no, she didn't order off the kids menu.Third Eye Blind at SUNY Oswego, April 2008.Third Eye Blind at SUNY Oswego, April 2008.DrivingSlope Day!Dan & Sara hang out on Libe Slope.A long week of classes catches up to Sara... note that the turkey leg is definitely not hers.I'm not sure why Dan's getting a shower...Hanging out on the Slope on the last day of classes.Getting ready to head up on Slope Day.Ooooh... turkey leg.Eating turkey legs on Slope Day.Apparently Hulk Hogan wants me to join Fantasy Fishing.The transmitter shack for WVBR up on top of Hungerford Hill.WVBR: So maybe our antenna doesn't have 50,000 watts of power... but its not the size that counts.View of Ithaca & Cornell from the WVBR transmitter.The VBR shack? I think not. But it is a sketchy abandoned shed next door.Room in 408 University AveThe room at 408 University AveFreshly waxed carChickens run in fear. I like to eat chicken.A majestic birdSinden / Woodhull family reunion in the PoconosBuilding a screen house in the backyard in VTOut on Lake Bomoseen in VTDay out on the water in the boatOro on a hot dayThe luxury penthouse in NYCElevated 1 trainAll the fire hydrants were open after a 100+ degree weekendRiverside Drive viaductSunset over the Hudson RiverIf you're this close to this sign, you shouldn't be there.My first cubicle everYankees vs. Rangers... it was a slaughter, 18-7 YanksLate night food. (Bottom) Tropical Waffle, with bananas, strawberries, canned peaches, raisins and a healthy portion of whipped cream. Also pictured, Joe and his food.The Apollo Theater, late at night.Chad at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney IslandMe at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney IslandChampion & All-American Joey Chestnut shows off his award winning meal (59 hot dogs in 10 minutes plus 5 in overtime)Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, rivals Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut in the centerNathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney IslandPre-show entertainment at the hot dog eating contest, dancing hot dogsThe 2008 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney IslandShoot The Freak, Coney Island boardwalk attraction featuring paintball guns and a live human targetNathan's Hot Dogs cooking up hundreds of hot dogsChad tries on a faux D&G bag for sizeMacy's 4th of July Fireworks in NYCThis water was really coldQuite possibly the scariest thing I've ever encountered on the beach. Your guess is as good as mine.Tent perched on the cliff overlooking the harbor in Nova Scotia.Nova Scotia sunset.A lone treeIsland campfire on the beach as the sun sets over Nova Scotia.Sunrise over the harbor in Nova ScotiaThe new apartment at 412 UniversityBernie the bear in the new apartmentA quiet evening at home.Exercising the right to eat an inordinate amount of Americanized Mexican food. He finished before I did.The impressive Cornell contingent at the Students for Liberty Conference in Philadelphia, October 2008.Jack-o-lanterns. They rotted into a pile of liquid and mush about 48 hours later.Insightful political questions on the chalkboard, grouped by social or economic issues, aka free love, free markets.First light snow of the yearSelf-service car wash in Manchester on a cold wintry day - the water freezes within 30 seconds or so of being sprayed on.50 candlesA Christmas spread for my dad's 50th birthday partySara and the Christmas penguin stolen from Vermont.Ithaca Falls after the first snowstorm of the year.