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Behind Mann LibraryOro likes to sleep.Westfield lightsBrooney chillin in the NJ basementJunkman at First NightReady for action, as always.Oro riding home from the kennelSnowy VT backroads.Out in the countrySnowy VT408 lightsThe trek up the slope to exams...Feeding the ducks in Mindowaskin ParkJulia learning to snowboardTearing it upSnowboard bumsUp on StrattonShop Rite in Garwood had banana Snapple. Very rare. So I stocked up.A perpetually-scared Haley pokes her head out.Cornell Big Red HockeyCold Ithaca sunsetPreparing to land in New YorkOff the wing over QueensSnowy McGrawTwisty treesDragon Day 2008 - Full blaze...Unfortunately salvation would not come in the form of the tractor...Sunset driving across New Hampshire.Chad's house in the middle of nowhere... kind of scaryMakin burgers and fries.Eating Big MacsCheap NH gas, complete with an animated car on the gas pump, how entertaining!Brooney's Wheaton dorm room.After finishing a generous portion of ribs, steak, chicken and mashed potatoes, they threw in some dessert. A big dessert.Ben's kitchen floor. Clearly just Swiffered.The grandfather to my bear footrest.Taughannock Falls in IthacaTaughannock Falls in IthacaDan after a refreshing shower.Sunset over the Cascadilla GorgeEverything finally back in bloom after a long winter...Slope Day!Ooooh... turkey leg.View of Ithaca & Cornell from the WVBR transmitter.Room in 408 University AveA majestic birdSinden / Woodhull family reunion in the PoconosBuilding a screen house in the backyard in VTOut on Lake Bomoseen in VTDay out on the water in the boatOro on a hot dayThe luxury penthouse in NYCElevated 1 trainAll the fire hydrants were open after a 100+ degree weekendRiverside Drive viaductSunset over the Hudson RiverIf you're this close to this sign, you shouldn't be there.My first cubicle everYankees vs. Rangers... it was a slaughter, 18-7 YanksLate night food. (Bottom) Tropical Waffle, with bananas, strawberries, canned peaches, raisins and a healthy portion of whipped cream. Also pictured, Joe and his food.The Apollo Theater, late at night.Champion & All-American Joey Chestnut shows off his award winning meal (59 hot dogs in 10 minutes plus 5 in overtime)Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, rivals Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut in the centerNathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney IslandPre-show entertainment at the hot dog eating contest, dancing hot dogsThe 2008 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney IslandNathan's Hot Dogs cooking up hundreds of hot dogsThis water was really coldTent perched on the cliff overlooking the harbor in Nova Scotia.Nova Scotia sunset.A lone treeIsland campfire on the beach as the sun sets over Nova Scotia.Sunrise over the harbor in Nova ScotiaThe new apartment at 412 UniversityBernie the bear in the new apartmentFirst light snow of the year50 candlesA Christmas spread for my dad's 50th birthday partySara and the Christmas penguin stolen from Vermont.