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Sam receives his interesting birthday presents.Attempting to hang out in the narrow Founders hallway...Dan introduces me to the corn dog.the Slope on the snow day.Adam and Jill all snazzed up.View of campus from the 11th floor of Bradfield.Sam has an unexpected visitor...Up on Stratton, ready to ride.Sara finds a friend.Success!Sara attempts to make Jiffy-Pop.Getting ready to head out on our late April camping trip. We had beautiful weather though as we would discover the forest was still recovering from the Noreaster that dumped a foot of snow down the weekend before.Third Eye Blind!Third Eye Blind!Third Eye Blind at the Magic City Music Hall, April 22, 2007.Dan enjoys his $3 turkey leg courtesy of Cornell Dining on Slope DayCleaning and packing the car.Me and my newly cleaned car.Cooking my dinner. Cooking pasta on the stove at a rest area.A triple tandem tractor trailer.I'm not sure what sort of animal they were referring to, but a few of these were flashing. No sign of the animal, though.Welcome to Michigan. We actually went by mistake and just went to get cheap gas before leaving.Sara tries driving, hold on!Baby chicks at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago.Attempting to warm up pizza in Chicago traffic.The People of Iowa Welcome You.The empty Iowa highway.Iowa.Cooking cans of pasta over an open flame, the way they were meant to be cooked.Cooking the pasta out of the wind.Minnesota Welcomes You.We get a bit of rain.Foreboding clouds.Welcome to South Dakota.Sioux Falls, SDWhat joys awaited within.Our Royal Fork Buffet meals of choice. Mine's all yellow.The Royal Fork, Sioux Falls, SD.The Royal Fork Buffet, Sioux Falls, SDWhat we thought was a supermarket and later found out was a clothing store.Super Unleaded meant that it had ethanol in it, which meant it was super bad for your engine and gas mileage.Apparently they like their milk in Sioux Falls, SD.Hangin at a rest stop.Looking out at the Ingalls homestead and barn.The attraction in Huron, SD.Sara and the World's Largest Pheasant.The Pioneer Auto Show, tourist trap.The model town at the Pioneer Auto Show.At the Pioneer Auto Show.At the Pioneer Auto Show.Riding at caboose at the Pioneer Auto Show.The Ranch Store, site of the prarie dog feeding.Turns out there are bags of peanuts inside.Munchin on peanuts.Standing in front of a giant prarie dog (the world's largest?)The Badlands, SD.Me in The Badlands.The Badlands.The Badlands.Wall Drug: Wall, SD.Mt. Rushmore by night.Mt. Rushmore vending machine.Cooking breakfast.Our campsite near Mt. Rushmore.Packing up from our campsite.Mt. RushmoreCooking Spaghetti-O'sCooking a can of Spaghetti-O'sSpaghetti-O's cooking and overflowing on charcoal briquettes.WyomingHeaded towards Yellowstone in Wyoming.Some interesting lichen.A bear!A bear near the west entrance of Yellowstone.In Yellowstone Nat'l Park.Yellowstone Lake.Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.Sara and a waterfall in Yellowstone's grand canyon.A buffalo in the rear-view mirror.A buffalo grazes outside our car in Yellowstone.Carrying sticks to the campsite for a fire.Cooking chicken nuggets over the fire at Yellowstone.A buffalo joins us for dinner at our campsite...A buffalo joins us for dinner at our campsite...Our campfire dies down for the night...Warning about buffalo at Yellowstone.Geiser at Yellowstone. Taking a walk through Grand Teton Nat'l Park.Sign on the dumpster at Yellowstone.A rocky mountain.A moose outside the China Gourmet.Eastern Colorado.As if we didn't spend enough time in the car as it was, we didn't have to leave it to eat! Driving through the Rocky Mountains.The view out our hotel room... you can just make out the mountains in the background.The pool at the Best Inn in Denver. I was really looking forward to going swimming...Our really bad hotel in Denver, complete with elevator and continental breakfast. I doubt we'll come again...Hammond's Candy Factory in Denver.44 fish sticks... a feast by any calculation. Apparently they were a "Great Value" as well.Cooking up fish sticks on a rest stop grill.A gourmet road meal if I ever saw one...Outside the Wonder Tower appears the stuff that just wouldn't fit inside...Up the Wonder Tower, there's... more junk!Luckily we were starting up pretty high already...A deer and a two-headed cow.Ready to set off after a good night's sleep.Something's a bit off with their grammar in Kansas... Flat America.We cooked up pasta in the stove and worked on finishing off our jumbo pack of fish sticks.One of the birdies at the Nelson-Atkins.Sara through one of the birdies at the Nelson-Atkins.Leaves at the Nelson-Atkins Museum.Kansas City barbeque.Kansas City barbeque: roast beef, ribs and ham slathered in bbq sauce with fries.The only thing we saw in every state we went. We only were unable to resist the temptation--that is unable to find somewhere else to eat--once.It began to pour right as we were to start our walking tour of the Budweiser brewery in St. Louis.One pampered Clydesdale (that's a horse).Budeweiser neon sign at the brewery. Inside this building we saw all the bottling and canning lines.We planned to set sail on the mighty Mississippi but our plan was foiled when the boat broke down and they closed for the day.Me and the Gateway Arch.The mighty Mississippi River in St. Louis.The gateway arch in St. Louis.Options for our St. Louis-style pizza.Eating our St. Louis-style pizza at an empty farmer's market.St. Louis-style pizza... thin crust, special "provel" cheese.A St. Louis specialty... fried ravioli. They turned out to have beef in them, so I got to have them all!Heading back east across Ohio & Indiana...Southern OhioBack in Union Springs again...By the end of the trip, the back of the car was just a chaotic mess...Vineyards along the interstate.Welcome to Pennsylvania.Pennsylvania apparently prides themselves on supplying tourists with fireworks...The lowest price we'd pay for gas on the trip in Erie, PA.First gas stop, next to a fancy car with flames.Eating our first meal on the road... some tasty turkey sandwiches.Welcome to Ohio.The interstate...Driving into Cleveland on I-80/90.ElephantsA rhinoceros.The giraffes at the Cleveland Zoo.This eagle was so close, it took a minute to figure out if it was real.A bald eagle that was ridiculously close to the path.The first big brown grizzly bear we would see on our trip...A strangle little bear from the Cleveland Zoo.Dealing out the pasta for lunch.Welcome to IllinoisDriving into ChicagoDan and Sara admire this fountain in Grant Park.Chicago and the bandstand we were supposed to meet Dan at.Dan and I pose in front of a giant shiny bean.Underneath "The Bean". Sara, Dan and I are upper-middle right in pink, blue and yellow shirts."The Bean" reflecting the skyline of Chicago.From the top of the Hancock Building in Chicago.From the top of the Hancock Building in Chicago.From the top of the Hancock Building in Chicago.Dan and Sara look down on Chicago.Me washing the windows atop the Hancock Building in Chicago.We came for the Chicago-style pizza.Dan and Chicago-style pizza: crust, massive amounts of cheese, then a hole lot of tomato sauce on top. It took something like 45 minutes to cook...A strange animal we saw in Sioux Falls... a prarie dog? We later found out it was some sort of squirrel.Sioux Falls.After getting directions to the grocery store from the ShopKo, we found out that they had moved out 3 months prior without leaving directions to the new store.This baby cow at the Ingalls homestead took great pleasure in chewing on my sweatshirt. Huron, SD: Home to the World's largest pheasant.South DakotaNot much out here...Just fields.Straight as an arrow, huge skies.A tiny little BMW and a vacuum cleaner that apparently made it all the way to South Dakota from Ithaca. "We're from Ithaca." -- "The vacuum cleaner is from Ithaca!"At the Pioneer Auto Show - Murdo, SD.A few of the multitudes of license plates hanging on the walls at the Pioneer Auto Show.The granddaddy to my car, a '61 Subaru Sambar... basically a tiny version of a VW bus, cute as ever at the Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, SD.Me holding two bags of prarie dog food at the Ranch Store, near the Badlands in South Dakota.A prarie dog munching on a peanut.Feeding the prarie dogs!A prarie dog hanging out at the Ranch Store.I was a bit concerned about wearing sandals...Me at the BadlandsThe Badlands Any resemblence?The couch that was my home in Potomac.The Morgante residence.A really long escalator down into the Bethesda metro station.Metro Center in Washington.Morgante & Washington.Inside of the Capitol.Original chambers of the Supreme Court.Capitol dome.My man Jefferson.Morgante whispering across the room of statues in the Capitol BuildingThe congressional mens' room.Even the bars are political here.A excellent lunch at a political hangout, Tortilla Coast.Morgante and the capitol.That's the capitol. The real US capitol.Relaxing in the communal bath that is this fountain.We put our feet in this fountain along with half of Washington... yum.Strange statue near the National Gallery. Morgante insists its a typewriter eraser, but it reminds me of the shuttlecocks in Kansas City.Posing in front of the IRS appropriately wearing my "Capitalist Twig" t-shirt. Everyone loves taxes, right?Morgante gets me and the mall.Me and Lincoln.After a day of walking around Washington in 90 degree+ weather, these $3 drinks looked really good.Sam in his natural habitat.A Morgante household morning.Getting ready to see 3D SHARKS at the Natural History Museum.Feet in the fountain.Dan climbs into a gated community. Worried he might have been caught, he asked me the next day what "that flash" had been.Pumping gas in Virginia after dropping off Dan.Sara gave me a dollar to bite into this old banana.Ithaca and its gorges.Getting ready to set out.What I found in my bowl in the morning.Sam got the right hat.Apparently Adam got the hat meant for me?Looking awesome.Karl couldn't crack his lobster.People dressing up as statues for money in Boston.Sam decided to try on some clothes in Urban Outfitters before they made us put away our cameras...Some old building in Boston.On the Duck tour.Boston from the Duck boat.Walking back to the car in Boston.Sam finishes up Harry Potter in the carShooting at the Orvis Wingshooting School.I attended the Orvis Wingshooting School in Manchester, VT where I shot sporting clays with a shotgun.Junk Percussionist near in Boston.A refreshing beverage.A meal at Newark Airport fit for a king.Continental Airlines is one of the few that still feeds you... but its the smallest sandwich known to man.Getting ready to head out.I found a pile of rocks in the woods.Bottlecaps at the campsite.We found a type of wood that burned a strange blue/green tint.Feeding the fire.Tent the morning after.The ride in front of 408.The view from Rhodes Hall looking northwest.Bringing home the materials for the shelf unit I built for my room.The unfortunate end to the paint for my shelving found. After seeing it, I decided I didn't like the color.Gotta get that 5 centsSara and the wheat fields where she worked.Computer equipment from Cornell's particle accelerator.Looking down the hallway of Cornell's particle accelerator.Computer equipment from Cornell's particle accelerator.Firework from the 4th of July!Who could ask for more?Stopping for some chow on the road.Hangin in Collegetown.My desk at work, the Cornell Theory Center.Cooking up some lasagna.My eyes light up when I see all the candy at Wegman's.Checking out a hippie jamfest in Ithaca.I acquired some excellent ice cream dishes at a garage sale.Ben tests his blood pressure at the mall. Apparently he has pre-hypertension.Julia zips at the Bromley Thrill Zone.Cornell Libertarians at ClubFest.The Cornell Libertarians gave out a ton of political quizzes at ClubFest.Dan prepares to eat as we prepare to watch some tv.Experiment recipe from the Joy of Cooking: Sundried-Tomato Pesto Turnovers.Ron Paul chalkings from around Cornell campus.Ron Paul chalkings from around Cornell campus.Ron Paul chalkings from around Cornell campus.Dan and I riding the gondola up Stratton Mountain, VTJulia in the Stratton Mtn. gondola.Looking out at the fall foliage from Stratton Mtn, VTDan up in the Stratton Mountain fire tower.View from the fire tower on Stratton Mtn, VTSnowless trailhead on Stratton.Pig feeding frenzy at Taylor Farm.Dan and the Taylor Farm cows.Dan attempts to walk Oro in the woods.The Cool Bus... a glorified maintenance van.Looking out across from 408 University.Fall foliage.Looking out over the valley from the East Hill.Sara in Fall.Road & FoliageFake IDs confiscated at a liquor store in Collegetown.Sunset over the valley.Leaves!A very yellow tree on Libe Slope.Crazy Ithaca hippie-mobile.Twin Subarus.My parking lot is for Subaru's only... 6 pictured here.Sara and a scrumptious Chinese feast.Fall leaves.View from Ezra Cornell's stairs.