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SnapchattingExcited to graduateAwkwardly staged?A family tradition.In her natural habitat.Kate's high school graduationKate's high school graduationThe cicadas were out in forceIf only we all had a Burberry bedA sketchy bar in Newark before going to the Prudential Center for hockey. But at least it was cheap.The Lumberjack Breakfast at a local New Jersey dinerA perpetually-scared Haley pokes her head out.Shop Rite in Garwood had banana Snapple. Very rare. So I stocked up.Feeding the ducks in Mindowaskin ParkBrooney chillin in the NJ basementWestfield lightsSomehow Ben thought it would be a good idea to bleach his hair...Excellent.Ben demonstrates incredible mental capacityThough his true origins are unknown... Ben may be from EgyptIs that your car Ben?