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Waterbury VT
Christmas morningChristmas morningNice day out at SugarbushSpotted a unicornPretty nice benchClassiest guests at the Krigstein - Irvine WeddingThe whole group with the happy couple and a solid photobomb.Ben & Jerry's ice cream cakes are quite hard to cut. "Congratulations Jeremy, Class of 2013"Apparently the high school mascot is the "Highlander"Christmas morningA leaping catchWhiteAnimal hats are apparently all the rage.Too cold for cornCold.Beer tasting up at Trapp Family LodgeTasting down the line of Cabot cheddarsNovelty face cutoutsTo-do list?Need for Speed: Hot PursuitStealing Julia's leopard print snuggieChristmas photoUsing the horn feature on the snowball toolAlmost ready to call it quits about 2/3 of the way through the Vermonster.The Vermonster, an ice cream sundae monstrosity that was all too suitable for a birthday treat.Ordering the most expensive thing on the menu, as usual.Cross country skiing through the forestThe family cross country skiing on Christmas Day 2009Cross country skiing at Trapp Family Lodge. Julia films in video while I capture stills.Getting ready to cross country ski for the first time at Trapp Family Lodge