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First Jets gameMorning walkHome from the hospitalBaby showerBanana and her heated cat chaletTraditional Thanksgiving dishhip underground concertBanana the cat does not like peopleTune InnJust a couple of men in collared shirts playing arcade gamesReal estate photo oppOne last Christmas display for C StreetRIP RFK Stadium 1961-2017Real carpenters hang their hammers on studsTearing apart the bathroom. No more forest green tile.High-stakes quarter slotsA little 30th birthday big buck hunterEveryone is wearing the 30th birthday hatsStill wearing the 30th birthday hatsThe Tune Inn blooming onion existsPretty excited about brunch hot dogsWatson Wyatt '09 still going strongThailand in DC, just delightfulIt's hard to convey exactly how large this plate of nachos isCake tastingThere was a Totoro costume so Nate put it onEngagement photo shootEngagement photo shootEngagement photo shootEngagement photo shootEngagement photo shootEngagement photo shootEngagement photo shootShould be a piece of cakeSurprise!Happy New Year 2016Artful selfieGhost Nate lurks outsideZedd showDay of Sam's weddingDay of Sam's weddingHey there baby goatGoatsLast day at Towers Watson - June 2008 to April 2015Cold, fat birds on the fenceHoliday lightsTune InnClosed on the house / Aug 15, 2014Matching headbands means we're teammates.So excited!Never a bad night at the Tune Inn.Everything I carried for two weeks in IndiaClassic.Probably would have been on better behavior had I known we were that much on TVPretty good seats.That's an awful lot of chairs.electronic dance musicKitesSnowy morning on Capitol HillJust a quiet night around the houseLumberjacks!So they advertised the $10 Big Dinner Box on TV enough that we ordered it. The 4 roommates at the end of an era.Nate celebrates his Chipotle winNate ate 3 Chipotle burritos in under 30 minutes. Hard to believe he did it for nothing more than pride.Great Falls Park, MDGreat Falls Park, MDNew Years Day at all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ, for better or worse.Ready to head out to Taste of the South 2011Taste of the South 2011Gives up and rips the candy outSpin him around a few timesPrematurely blindfolded?Thrilled as usualDebating gifts for the New Years hostIf he can't have a real Blackberry, a cake is nearly as goodTo scare away local youthBackyard decorationsExactly what you should eat on the 4th.High hopes indeedLooking over the SW waterfront from Haines PointJefferson MemorialThomas Jefferson himselfCloudy sunset over the tidal basinCherry Blossom FestivalJefferson Memorial with some cherry blossoms in the wayCherry blossomsJefferson, Tidal Basin & Cherry BlossomsFirst time trying to use a golf club other than the miniature variety, out at the driving rangeColleen had a bit more poise and expertise so her golf balls flew a bit farther than minePut a token in the machine and out come some golf balls.An escalator on Metro. The longest escalator in the Western Hemisphere is at the Wheaton Metro station -- 508 feet and a 3 1/2 minute ride.There's an IHOP near the Ballston Metro station that I walk by every day, so I finally went one day and go some excellent breakfast for dinner.Sam jumped into his snow fort after we got home from dinner, his pride and joy, the fruit of his labor.Sam spent a good part of the day building a snow fort in front of our house. Without any knowledge I was coming home, he pegged me as I was walking down the street minding my own business.The house with holiday lights and snowDC in the snowThe snowstorm of 2009A deserted Lincoln ParkWell its no New York...A local grocery establishment conveniently located just down the street.The Jefferson Memorial -- bigger than it looks.DC101 Chili CookoffDC101 Chili CookoffFunnel cake failThe final moment of my life in which I had never had a corn dog.A Morgante household morning.Sam in his natural habitat.Relaxing in the communal bath that is this fountain.A excellent lunch at a political hangout, Tortilla Coast.The congressional mens' room.Morgante whispering across the room of statues in the Capitol BuildingCapitol dome.Original chambers of the Supreme Court.Inside of the Capitol.Metro Center in Washington.A really long escalator down into the Bethesda metro station.The couch that was my home in Potomac.