Subaru's last hurrah -- a 1,400 mile trek that spanned 6 states in less than a week and moved me from three residences to one.a decent dump of snow. wonder where the snow brush is?Self-service car wash in Manchester on a cold wintry day - the water freezes within 30 seconds or so of being sprayed on.First light snow of the yearFreshly waxed carView of Ithaca & Cornell from the WVBR transmitter.Everything finally back in bloom after a long winter...Ready for action, as always.My parking lot is for Subaru's only... 6 pictured here.Twin Subarus.Hangin in Collegetown.Stopping for some chow on the road.Bringing home the materials for the shelf unit I built for my room.The ride in front of 408.Getting ready to head out. First gas stop, next to a fancy car with flames.By the end of the trip, the back of the car was just a chaotic mess...Back in Union Springs again...Ready to set off after a good night's sleep. Carrying sticks to the campsite for a fire.Cooking Spaghetti-O'sPacking up from our campsite.Hangin at a rest stop.Cooking the pasta out of the wind.Sara tries driving, hold on!Me and my newly cleaned car.Cleaning and packing the car.