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Sioux Falls SD
After getting directions to the grocery store from the ShopKo, we found out that they had moved out 3 months prior without leaving directions to the new store.Sioux Falls.A strange animal we saw in Sioux Falls... a prarie dog? We later found out it was some sort of squirrel.Hangin at a rest stop.Apparently they like their milk in Sioux Falls, SD.Super Unleaded meant that it had ethanol in it, which meant it was super bad for your engine and gas mileage.What we thought was a supermarket and later found out was a clothing store.The Royal Fork Buffet, Sioux Falls, SDThe Royal Fork, Sioux Falls, SD.Our Royal Fork Buffet meals of choice. Mine's all yellow.What joys awaited within.Sioux Falls, SDWelcome to South Dakota.