Sara and the Christmas penguin stolen from Vermont.A quiet evening at home.Getting ready to head up on Slope Day.A long week of classes catches up to Sara... note that the turkey leg is definitely not hers.Dan & Sara hang out on Libe Slope.Slope Day!Sara riding shotgun.Sara eats the world's smallest pizza... and no, she didn't order off the kids menu.Taughannock Falls in IthacaDragon Day 2008 - The Dragon begins to burn...Playing DDR in VTFace cutouts.Riding the bus on New YearsSara and a scrumptious Chinese feast.Sara in Fall.Checking out a hippie jamfest in Ithaca.Sara and the wheat fields where she worked.Gotta get that 5 centsBringing home the materials for the shelf unit I built for my room.Getting ready to head out.Sara gave me a dollar to bite into this old banana. Dan and Sara look down on Chicago.Dan and Sara admire this fountain in Grant Park.Eating our St. Louis-style pizza at an empty farmer's market.Sara through one of the birdies at the Nelson-Atkins.We cooked up pasta in the stove and worked on finishing off our jumbo pack of fish sticks.Up the Wonder Tower, there's... more junk!Outside the Wonder Tower appears the stuff that just wouldn't fit inside...As if we didn't spend enough time in the car as it was, we didn't have to leave it to eat!Sara and a waterfall in Yellowstone's grand canyon.Cooking Spaghetti-O'sStanding in front of a giant prarie dog (the world's largest?)The Pioneer Auto Show, tourist trap.Sara and the World's Largest Pheasant.Apparently they like their milk in Sioux Falls, SD.Our Royal Fork Buffet meals of choice. Mine's all yellow.Sara tries driving, hold on!Getting ready to head out on our late April camping trip. We had beautiful weather though as we would discover the forest was still recovering from the Noreaster that dumped a foot of snow down the weekend before.Sara attempts to make Jiffy-Pop.Sara finds a friend.Cheap gas in Wallingford, VTSara at WVBR.Port Authority Bus Terminal. Gotta love that red brick.Cornell Mens Hockey playoffs in Albany.Sara is unable to resist Morgante's charm.