Sam Schuelz
Sam finishes up Harry Potter in the carWalking back to the car in Boston.On the Duck tour.Sam decided to try on some clothes in Urban Outfitters before they made us put away our cameras...Sam got the right hat.Sam has an unexpected visitor...Sam receives his interesting birthday presents.Schueler Half-Lifin' it up.Schueler takes on the apple juice challenge... $10 for a half gallon of apple juice in 5 min.Thiz faceWingz Over Ithaca feast. $70 in wings (left, you can only see 1 of the layers), a rack of ribs, onion rings and fries (right) and 3 two liter sodas (not appearing in this picture).Instead of helping Schueler after falling off the balance board, I took his picture.Waiting... Schueler cuddles with Jhaniel.