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Speeding out of Rome towards the airport. Far away.Roman metro, looking a bit emptyColosseum at nightColosseum at nightWaiting for service.Colosseum around duskColosseum around duskColosseum around duskOut on the Appian RoadOut on the Appian RoadOut on the Appian RoadFueling up with some pizzaOverly artsy 'pension' room that we got the last night. The Best Western wanted 200 euros... forget that.St. Peter'sRoman metro, crowded.Spontaneous gelatoTrevi FountainLittle snackBig hole in the top of the PantheonPantheonLooking out across the Roman Forum, etc.Presumably there was more to this structure at one point.Among the ruinsPhoto opportunityThat random arch next to the Colosseum Inside the Colosseum Inside the ColosseumInside the ColosseumLooking across to the VaticanEatingWaiting for gelato / italian ice.Excellent place for italian ice / gelato.Outside the PantheonOutside the PantheonSt. Peter's BasilicaSt. Peter's SquareEnough for one daySt. Peter's SquareInside St. Peter'sInside St. Peter'sInside St. Peter'sInside St. Peter'sInside St. Peter'sShady characterBack down off the St. Peter's dome.Vatican and beyond.What is this, a piazza for ants?Climbing the dome of St. Peter's. The walls are in fact slanted.Looking through the grate at St. Peter'sLooking down through the grate at St. Peter'sInside St. Peter'sFine Vatican ceilingMosaic bath floor stolen by the VaticanAt the VaticanAt the VaticanAt the VaticanAt the VaticanAt the Vatican.Vatican hall of maps ceilingVatican hall of maps.Vatican tapestry roomAt the Vatican. I'd probably stop to talk to her too.At the VaticanAt the VaticanImitation Pantheon roofAnother ceiling at the VaticanAt the VaticanThis is probably where the Pope takes a bath.One of the beautiful fountains of EuropeExcited.St. Peter's BasilicaPiazza NavonaIn the Piazza NavonaA balcony that Mussolini was particularly fond of in the Piazza NavonaIt's an obelisk. This one is from the Piazza NavonaStuck with two hotel rental bikes, only one of which adequately functioned, we tested the limits of Best Western customer service. You probably can guess how that turned out...Disbelief after my bike's back wheel locked up in the middle of a busy street, pictured on right.Vatican holy water?Vatican CityInside the Vatican museumWaiting to get into the Vatican Museum to see the Sistine ChapelHappy after a 5-course Italian feastSecondi course of our Roman feast.Spanish StepsCrowds at the Trevi FountainTrevi FountainInside the ParthenonThe open air hole in the top of the ParthenonThe Parthenon, one of the few well-preserved relics in RomeCrazy fountain with disrespectful pigeonsSomewhat dirty Roman fountainRuins that Rome was littered withChillin at the ColloseumAt the ColloseumThe ColloseumGiant palm frondWider view of the ColloseumWider view of the ColloseumThe streets of RomeRome was kind of a dirty placeThey sell ice?