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Cheesesteaks from Pat's (front) and Geno's (rear, partly eaten) side-by-side. Consensus said Geno's was superior.Sarah, only having written about Geno's in school, is excited to try her own cheesesteak. Her paper was on a sign on the Geno's ordering window that reads "You're in America, when ordering speak English"The Geno's has a certain flair that cut through a dreary Philadelphia dayUnfortunately they weren't ringing the Liberty Bell the day we showed up.The famous Jello salad at ThanksgivingYeah, I'm in a bathing suit -- I was told there would be a hot tub. There wasn't. I felt I needed to give this expensive modern piece of furniture a try to see if it was even remotely confortable. It wasn't.My first Philadelphia cheese steak. Perhaps a bit more gourmet than most -- the lonely bartender at the South St. establishment we were at convinced us that there's were better because they were lard free and came with a free beer. Sold.The impressive Cornell contingent at the Students for Liberty Conference in Philadelphia, October 2008.Any resemblence?TempleTempleSwarthmoreSwarthmoreSwarthmoreUPennUPenn