Junior Year
The room at 408 University AveRoom in 408 University AveThe VBR shack? I think not. But it is a sketchy abandoned shed next door.View of Ithaca & Cornell from the WVBR transmitter.WVBR: So maybe our antenna doesn't have 50,000 watts of power... but its not the size that counts.The transmitter shack for WVBR up on top of Hungerford Hill.Apparently Hulk Hogan wants me to join Fantasy Fishing.Eating turkey legs on Slope Day.Ooooh... turkey leg.Getting ready to head up on Slope Day.Hanging out on the Slope on the last day of classes.I'm not sure why Dan's getting a shower...A long week of classes catches up to Sara... note that the turkey leg is definitely not hers.Dan & Sara hang out on Libe Slope.Slope Day!DrivingThird Eye Blind at SUNY Oswego, April 2008.Third Eye Blind at SUNY Oswego, April 2008.Sara eats the world's smallest pizza... and no, she didn't order off the kids menu.Everything finally back in bloom after a long winter...Sunset over the Cascadilla GorgeDan after a refreshing shower.Sam down in the Cascadilla Gorge. I resisted the urge to throw things at him.Taughannock Falls in IthacaTaughannock Falls in IthacaTax Day Protest with the Ithaca Libertarians and some other crazy people who showed up.Cornell Parking is ruthless...The grandfather to my bear footrest.I went to a Jello party. This is the Jello.Foo Fighters in BinghamtonFaint rainbow over the football fieldDave & Buster'sBen's kitchen floor. Clearly just Swiffered.After finishing a generous portion of ribs, steak, chicken and mashed potatoes, they threw in some dessert. A big dessert.Brooney's Wheaton dorm room.Cheap NH gas, complete with an animated car on the gas pump, how entertaining!Food coma... aka "the itus"First Big Mac everEating Big MacsMaple sausage, given a nice smoky taste by ChadMakin burgers and fries.Chad's house in the middle of nowhere... kind of scarySunset driving across New Hampshire.Unfortunately salvation would not come in the form of the tractor...My dad's truck... my bad.Dragon Day 2008 - Full blaze...Dragon Day 2008 - The Dragon begins to burn...Dragon Day 2008 - The DragonTwisty treesSnowy McGrawNight on the HoOff the wing over QueensPreparing to land in New YorkCold Ithaca sunsetMorgante get into the gameCornell Big Red HockeyCornell Big Red HockeyA perpetually-scared Haley pokes her head out.Shop Rite in Garwood had banana Snapple. Very rare. So I stocked up.Up on StrattonSnowboard bumsTearing it upJulia learning to snowboardFeeding the ducks in Mindowaskin ParkThe trek up the slope to exams...408 lightsMy pride and joy... my bear footrestSnowy VTOut in the countryTrying my hand at DDR...Playing DDR in VTSnowy VT backroads.Oro riding home from the kennelReady for action, as always.Junkman at First NightI scare myself sometimesRiding the bus on New YearsBrooney chillin in the NJ basementWestfield lightsThe GE glowing penguin.Oro likes to sleep.Who doesn't love a packed bus ride?Behind Mann LibraryView from Ezra Cornell's stairs.Fall leaves.Sara and a scrumptious Chinese feast.My parking lot is for Subaru's only... 6 pictured here.Twin Subarus.Crazy Ithaca hippie-mobile.A very yellow tree on Libe Slope.Leaves!Sunset over the valley.Fake IDs confiscated at a liquor store in Collegetown.Road & FoliageSara in Fall.Looking out over the valley from the East Hill.Fall foliage.Looking out across from 408 University.The Cool Bus... a glorified maintenance van.Dan attempts to walk Oro in the woods.Dan and the Taylor Farm cows.Pig feeding frenzy at Taylor Farm.Snowless trailhead on Stratton.View from the fire tower on Stratton Mtn, VTDan up in the Stratton Mountain fire tower.Looking out at the fall foliage from Stratton Mtn, VTJulia in the Stratton Mtn. gondola.Dan and I riding the gondola up Stratton Mountain, VTRon Paul chalkings from around Cornell campus.Ron Paul chalkings from around Cornell campus.Ron Paul chalkings from around Cornell campus.Experiment recipe from the Joy of Cooking: Sundried-Tomato Pesto Turnovers.Dan prepares to eat as we prepare to watch some tv.The Cornell Libertarians gave out a ton of political quizzes at ClubFest.Cornell Libertarians at ClubFest.My eyes light up when I see all the candy at Wegman's.Cooking up some lasagna.The ride in front of 408.Tent the morning after.Feeding the fire.We found a type of wood that burned a strange blue/green tint.Bottlecaps at the campsite.I found a pile of rocks in the woods.Getting ready to head out.