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Turkish airport securityKilling time before our flight to AthensA glowstick in his drinkWe didn't really know what this Burnt Column thing was. Apparently it was better in the time of the Romans, but a strong wind blew the top off.Brooney and OlympiaFresh squeezed orange juice was everywhere and delicious. Usually about 2 TL.In the Grand BazaarIn the Grand BazaarIn the Grand BazaarIn the Grand BazaarIn the Grand BazaarIn the Grand BazaarIn the Grand BazaarThe Grand Bazaar. 58 streets and 1,200 shops.The Grand Bazaar. 58 streets and 1,200 shops.Serious businessSearching for the mysterious OlympiaOur home away from homeYou checked all the boxes for what you wanted on your baked potatoHanging out at the shoreFriendly looking peopleBig walls. Probably something better on the other side.One step back and we might be somewhere we might find ourselves somewhere bad...Stray cats and dogs were a fixtureTaking in the riverCrossing to GalataAt the Spice BazaarNo, despite what he says, you don't want a kilo of mangoes.At the Spice BazaarAt the Spice BazaarWashing up outside a mosqueA bit of Turkish tv. This movie was laughably bad.Outside Aya SophiaA 'sweating column' that is supposed to bring good luck if you put your thumb in it.Looking across to the blue mosqueInside Aya SophiaInside Aya SophiaInside Aya SophiaInside Aya SophiaOutside Aya SophiaOutside Aya SophiaAya Sophia in the backgroundInside the blue mosqueInside the blue mosqueNo doubt an intense planning meeting back at the Big Apple Hostel.Underground cistern, built as a reservoir. In the underground cisternThe underground cistern.Courtyard of the blue mosque.The blue mosqueBreakfast of champions. Brooney may have thrown this up later.Looking at Turkish rugsLooking at Turkish rugsApparently Turkish rugs made from non-synthetic fibers don't burst into flames.Looking at Turkish rugsLooking at Turkish rugsLooking at Turkish rugsLooking at Turkish rugsExploring Topkapi PalaceLooking across to the "European" part of the city.From Topkapi PalaceFrom Topkapi PalaceExploring Topkapi Palace. Sultan would have hung out here.Exploring Topkapi PalaceExploring Topkapi PalaceExploring Topkapi PalaceLooking back towards Aya SophiaSpicy and unbelievably good Turkish stew with meat and peppers.Looking across at the blue mosque.Blue mosqueDown by the water outside Sultanahmet. No ladies to be found.Down by the water outside SultanahmetBuying a doughy OSearching for our hostelGrilled corn on the cob for a reasonable 64 cents.