Put a token in the machine and out come some golf balls.The last confirmed catamount in Vermont, otherwise known as a mountain lion or cougar. This supposed last one was shot quite a while back though many residents claim to have seen them since then.Fancy tile work in the NYC SubwayThere are an awful lot of rules on the NYC SubwayThe bed in which Stonewall Jackson rested in after being wounded, shortly before his death.The Neptune statue at Virginia BeachI'm interested to know if you can catch both fish and crabs with a similar hook/line setup. In fact, I'm not sure how to go about catching a crab at all.So apparently Newport News is a tougher town than I thought. A local grocery establishment conveniently located just down the street.The Jefferson Memorial -- bigger than it looks.The American food section of a French grocery store. Aunt Jemima, pretzels, Oreos, marshmellows, peanut butter and a few other semi-American odds and ends.They sell ice?Something about staying off the train tracksNo idea.Clearly a guy house.First light snow of the yearQuite possibly the scariest thing I've ever encountered on the beach. Your guess is as good as mine.The VBR shack? I think not. But it is a sketchy abandoned shed next door.Apparently Hulk Hogan wants me to join Fantasy Fishing.Cornell Parking is ruthless...I went to a Jello party. This is the Jello.Ben's kitchen floor. Clearly just Swiffered.Cheap NH gas, complete with an animated car on the gas pump, how entertaining!Chad's house in the middle of nowhere... kind of scaryFake IDs confiscated at a liquor store in Collegetown.The Cool Bus... a glorified maintenance van.Pig feeding frenzy at Taylor Farm.Who could ask for more?Computer equipment from Cornell's particle accelerator.The unfortunate end to the paint for my shelving found. After seeing it, I decided I didn't like the color.Bottlecaps at the campsite.A refreshing beverage.What I found in my bowl in the morning.After a day of walking around Washington in 90 degree+ weather, these $3 drinks looked really good.The congressional mens' room.Capitol dome.Inside of the Capitol.A really long escalator down into the Bethesda metro station. I was a bit concerned about wearing sandals...A tiny little BMW and a vacuum cleaner that apparently made it all the way to South Dakota from Ithaca. "We're from Ithaca." -- "The vacuum cleaner is from Ithaca!"Underneath "The Bean". Sara, Dan and I are upper-middle right in pink, blue and yellow shirts.Leaves at the Nelson-Atkins Museum.One of the birdies at the Nelson-Atkins.A deer and a two-headed cow.Luckily we were starting up pretty high already...Up the Wonder Tower, there's... more junk!Outside the Wonder Tower appears the stuff that just wouldn't fit inside...Sign on the dumpster at Yellowstone.Warning about buffalo at Yellowstone.A buffalo joins us for dinner at our campsite...A buffalo in the rear-view mirror.Spaghetti-O's cooking and overflowing on charcoal briquettes.Cooking breakfast.Mt. Rushmore vending machine.Turns out there are bags of peanuts inside.The attraction in Huron, SD.I'm not sure what sort of animal they were referring to, but a few of these were flashing. No sign of the animal, though.