Traditional Thanksgiving dishTune InnMeat plateWine grapesThats a lot of meat and cheese...Just some more meat and cheese...The Tune Inn blooming onion existsBBQThailand in DC, just delightfulIt's hard to convey exactly how large this plate of nachos isTexas State Fair (fried oreos)Pancake filled with whipped creme and chocolate cake? Sure.Bun bo nam bo - Hanoi street foodNot sure where that plate of greens is supposed to fit into this.Breakfast phoBanh mi, pleaseBig buckets of mussels with fries make for delightful dinners.I sprung for the deluxe waffleTaste of India is widely regarded as the finest Indian buffet in the United States.This very well may have given me 48 hours of excruciating stomach pain. But it was really tasty.This will do just fine.White tablecloth, real plates & silverware, German Riesling and a footrest. Not bad.A family tradition.This sugary soft drink is amazingly green.Looks just like Thai foodSo they advertised the $10 Big Dinner Box on TV enough that we ordered it. Macaroon choices at Lauderee on the Champs-ElyseesShockingly tasty baguette sandwichBeer tasting up at Trapp Family LodgeBorschtWhat's served in the cafeteria at the Chernobyl Power Plant (now most often frequented by the workers building the new sarcophagus) A tasty doughnutYes, we gobbled half this greasy pizza before I had a moment to grab the cameraThe rain and cold called for a bread bowl at Boudin'sGhirardelli squaresIf he can't have a real Blackberry, a cake is nearly as goodExactly what you should eat on the 4th.Banana ice cream pop. Yum.Greek food, mostly meat and potatoesYou checked all the boxes for what you wanted on your baked potatoBreakfast of champions. Brooney may have thrown this up later.Spicy and unbelievably good Turkish stew with meat and peppers.The La Quinta in Austin, TX features make your own waffles shaped like the state of Texas. The excitement pretty much ends there.Texas barbecue and a bubble gum sweet soda bearing the Cornell team nameCheesesteaks from Pat's (front) and Geno's (rear, partly eaten) side-by-side. Consensus said Geno's was superior.Sarah, only having written about Geno's in school, is excited to try her own cheesesteak. Her paper was on a sign on the Geno's ordering window that reads "You're in America, when ordering speak English"There's an IHOP near the Ballston Metro station that I walk by every day, so I finally went one day and go some excellent breakfast for dinner.The Vermonster, an ice cream sundae monstrosity that was all too suitable for a birthday treat.Well its no New York...My first Philadelphia cheese steak. Perhaps a bit more gourmet than most -- the lonely bartender at the South St. establishment we were at convinced us that there's were better because they were lard free and came with a free beer. Sold.The Lumberjack Breakfast at a local New Jersey dinerDelta Airlines dinner from Barcelona to JFK. Delicious. Gotta love the block of cheddar cheese and the tub of water.Paella in Barcelona.Refreshing fruit drinks at the market off Las Ramblas.Open air food market off Las Ramblas.Open air food market off Las Ramblas.Local fare from a little hole-in-the-wallPizza in Olot, Spain.What Europeans consider a hamburger to be... no bun, but a fried egg.The American food section of a French grocery store. Aunt Jemima, pretzels, Oreos, marshmellows, peanut butter and a few other semi-American odds and ends.Excellent Italian meal in GenoaPrimi course of our last Italian dinner in Genoa. Little place where they spoke absolutely no English... but we managed to order by writing things out on a napkin.A delicious meal of various foccacias, fresh fruit and Ringo cookiesSecondi course of our Roman feast.Yummy Venetian pizza... check out the one covered in French FriesReally icky pickled fish sandwiches. Only other option for food was bratwurst.German grocery store is, of course, well stocked with processed meat productsOrdering random items off the menuExcellent airline meal, again tub of water and block of cheese.The Mixed Grill: ribs, steak, chicken and fries. Finish it and you're rewarded with more food.The all-you-can-eat Sunday Brunch. Mmmm...A Christmas spread for my dad's 50th birthday party50 candlesLate night food. (Bottom) Tropical Waffle, with bananas, strawberries, canned peaches, raisins and a healthy portion of whipped cream. Also pictured, Joe and his food.After finishing a generous portion of ribs, steak, chicken and mashed potatoes, they threw in some dessert. A big dessert.My eyes light up when I see all the candy at Wegman's.Continental Airlines is one of the few that still feeds you... but its the smallest sandwich known to man.A excellent lunch at a political hangout, Tortilla Coast. Kansas City barbeque: roast beef, ribs and ham slathered in bbq sauce with fries.We cooked up pasta in the stove and worked on finishing off our jumbo pack of fish sticks.44 fish sticks... a feast by any calculation. Apparently they were a "Great Value" as well.Cooking breakfast.The Royal Fork Buffet, Sioux Falls, SDThe Royal Fork, Sioux Falls, SD.Our Royal Fork Buffet meals of choice. Mine's all yellow.Attempting to warm up pizza in Chicago traffic.Dan enjoys his $3 turkey leg courtesy of Cornell Dining on Slope DayKrispy Kreme fundraiser for Libs. 15 boxes of fresh, warm Krispy Kreme doughnuts... amazing.