Lumberjacks!A quiet evening at home.Eating turkey legs on Slope Day.Getting ready to head up on Slope Day.Hanging out on the Slope on the last day of classes.I'm not sure why Dan's getting a shower...Dan & Sara hang out on Libe Slope.Dan after a refreshing shower.Dan attempts to walk Oro in the woods.Dan and the Taylor Farm cows.Dan up in the Stratton Mountain fire tower.Dan and I riding the gondola up Stratton Mountain, VTDan prepares to eat as we prepare to watch some tv.Dan climbs into a gated community. Worried he might have been caught, he asked me the next day what "that flash" had been.Feet in the fountain.Getting ready to see 3D SHARKS at the Natural History Museum.Dan and Chicago-style pizza: crust, massive amounts of cheese, then a hole lot of tomato sauce on top. It took something like 45 minutes to cook...Dan and Sara look down on Chicago.Dan and I pose in front of a giant shiny bean.Dan and Sara admire this fountain in Grant Park.Dan enjoys his $3 turkey leg courtesy of Cornell Dining on Slope DayDan introduces me to the corn dog.Friday's man...Dan's "unique" birthday card