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Central S Dakota
The BadlandsMe at the BadlandsI was a bit concerned about wearing sandals...A prarie dog hanging out at the Ranch Store.Feeding the prarie dogs!A prarie dog munching on a peanut.Me holding two bags of prarie dog food at the Ranch Store, near the Badlands in South Dakota.The granddaddy to my car, a '61 Subaru Sambar... basically a tiny version of a VW bus, cute as ever at the Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, SD.A few of the multitudes of license plates hanging on the walls at the Pioneer Auto Show.At the Pioneer Auto Show - Murdo, SD.A tiny little BMW and a vacuum cleaner that apparently made it all the way to South Dakota from Ithaca. "We're from Ithaca." -- "The vacuum cleaner is from Ithaca!"Straight as an arrow, huge skies.Just fields.Not much out here...South DakotaHuron, SD: Home to the World's largest pheasant. This baby cow at the Ingalls homestead took great pleasure in chewing on my sweatshirt.Wall Drug: Wall, SD.The Badlands.The Badlands.Me in The Badlands.The Badlands, SD.Standing in front of a giant prarie dog (the world's largest?)Munchin on peanuts.Turns out there are bags of peanuts inside.The Ranch Store, site of the prarie dog feeding.Riding at caboose at the Pioneer Auto Show.At the Pioneer Auto Show.At the Pioneer Auto Show.The model town at the Pioneer Auto Show.The Pioneer Auto Show, tourist trap.Sara and the World's Largest Pheasant.The attraction in Huron, SD.Looking out at the Ingalls homestead and barn.