Coors fermenting roomA little place called AspenA sketchy bar in Newark before going to the Prudential Center for hockey. But at least it was cheap.Roman metro, looking a bit emptyColosseum at nightWaiting for service.Colosseum around duskOut on the Appian RoadFueling up with some pizzaOverly artsy 'pension' room that we got the last night. The Best Western wanted 200 euros... forget that.Spontaneous gelatoLittle snackLooking out across the Roman Forum, etc.Among the ruinsPhoto opportunityThat random arch next to the Colosseum Waiting for gelato / italian ice.Outside the PantheonShady characterVatican hall of maps.This is probably where the Pope takes a bath.Excited.Trash-talking animals.Let's goThis dog followed us for a good twenty minutes, Andrew was not amused.Olympic stadiumWe found a snack bar practically in the middle of nowhere up on LykavittusView off LykavittusLighting a candle at the top of LykavittusOur hotel was classy enough to have a shoe-shine machine in the basement.The cleanestOff the AcropolisThe ParthenonClimbing the AcropolisClimbing the AcropolisTurkish airport securityBrooney and OlympiaIn the Grand BazaarSerious businessSearching for the mysterious OlympiaBig walls. Probably something better on the other side.Taking in the riverNo, despite what he says, you don't want a kilo of mangoes.A 'sweating column' that is supposed to bring good luck if you put your thumb in it.Inside Aya SophiaOutside Aya SophiaAya Sophia in the backgroundNo doubt an intense planning meeting back at the Big Apple Hostel.Underground cistern, built as a reservoir. In the underground cisternCourtyard of the blue mosque.Looking at Turkish rugsLooking at Turkish rugsExploring Topkapi PalaceFrom Topkapi PalaceExploring Topkapi PalaceExploring Topkapi PalaceLooking across at the blue mosque.Buying a doughy OSearching for our hostelThe Lumberjack Breakfast at a local New Jersey dinerThe free dessert for finishing the Mixed Grill. See the 2008 version as well.The Mixed Grill: ribs, steak, chicken and fries. Finish it and you're rewarded with more food.After finishing a generous portion of ribs, steak, chicken and mashed potatoes, they threw in some dessert. A big dessert.Brooney's Wheaton dorm room.Brooney chillin in the NJ basement