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Banana ice cream pop. Yum.Greek food, mostly meat and potatoesIt's a "hamburger"Pantheon / AcropolisOlympic stadiumErmou shopping streetWe found a snack bar practically in the middle of nowhere up on LykavittusView off LykavittusView off LykavittusView off LykavittusLighting a candle at the top of LykavittusA koi pond in the gardens of Athens. Apparently they're rather expensive.Previously part of the Temple of ZeusOur hotel was classy enough to have a shoe-shine machine in the basement.Wandering around The Plaka at nightThe AcropolisReligious imagery was retrofitted to a lot of ancient buildingsThe cleanestProbably not even worth tryingNo doubt a very informative signOff the AcropolisThe ParthenonOff the AcropolisThe ParthenonThe ParthenonThe ParthenonOn the AcropolisOn the AcropolisOn the AcropolisOn the AcropolisClimbing the AcropolisClimbing the AcropolisClimbing the AcropolisClimbing the AcropolisLooking off the AcropolisView off the AcropolisHiking up the Acropolis